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Estate Flooring uses state-of-the-art vacuum-equipped sanding machinery as well as highly-skilled manual processes to produce a surface that is flat, smooth and ready for your choice of stain.


The stains we've used for over 40 years are manufactured by DuraSeal in the U.S.A. Established in 1898, DuraSeal currently offers 37 beautiful stock colors giving us countless custom color possibilities. 


We like working with modern, safe, low-VOC finishes. The products we use are made by Basic Coatings Corporation here in the U.S.A. Basic Coatings began in the 1950s developing special finishes for bowling alleys. Many years and developmental generations later, they produce a world class "Green" commercial and residential hardwood flooring finish.


Our 20+ years of experience with their finishing systems allows us to be very consistent from room to room and from year to year. Elegant and durable.


Estate Flooring sands, stains, and finishes all types of stair treads and related architectural components including risers, handrails, newel posts, balustrades, etc.


We at Estate Flooring understand that no two installations are the same. Rest-assured we have decades of experience in installing over plywood, sleepers, radiant heat systems, and concrete. We will always use the correct techniques for any given project.

Wood Sourcing

We work directly with mills across the country to produce any type of wood flooring needed for your project.

  • All domestic species including:

    • Red

    • White Oak

    • Walnut

    • Maple

    • Ash

    • Hickory

    • Eastern White Pine

    • Heart Pine

  • All cuts including:

    • Rift

    • Quartered

    • Flat Sawn

    • Euro Sawn, etc.

  • Lengths up 12 feet and widths up to 22”!

  • Patterns we install include:

    • Herringbone​

    • Chevron

    • All Parquet

    • Wide Plank

    • Random Width

    • Inlays

    • Borders

    • Medallions

    • Flush Wood Vents

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